Top Things to Do during Cambodia Tours

A Cambodia tour must be included in the itinerary when visiting Southeast Asian. Visitors who have a couple of days in the country spend visiting the temples. For those with more time to spare can enjoy the country’s white sand beaches and various islands. They can also visit the country’s lush jungles, forest-covered hills, the charming capital, and the quaint rural towns.

The small country has a wide range of scenery and terrain. A Cambodia travel will take visitors to the rice fields in the flatlands, the wonderful beaches of its coastlines, and the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia. It also has mountains, jungles and rivers.

After suffering from the Khmer Rouge, Cambodia is now at peace and has its rich heritage and natural beauties to offer to visitors on Cambodia tours. New roads are made to connect provincial centers and help improve the country’s economy.

A Cambodia tour is not complete without tasting its food, which is influenced by the cuisine of Thailand and China. The tradition of the country’s craftsmanship has been revived as artisans display their stone carving, silver crafts and weaving.

Angkor Wat Cambodia Tour

Angkor Wat is the biggest monument in Angkor. It is also believed to be one, if not the largest, religious structure on the planet. It has a good blend of symmetry and spirituality and serves as an example of men’s dedication to their gods.

Experts believe that Angkor Wat was constructed as a funerary temple for Suryavarman II in honor of the god Vishnu. It is also the only temple in the area that is oriented to the West, which is said to be the direction of death. This is why scholars think it was designed to be a tomb.

Phnom Penh Cambodia Tours

First time visitors of the country usually make Phnom Penh as one of their stops in Cambodia. It has several boulevards and provides a good view of the Silver Pagoda and the Royal Palace. A visit to the National Museum will let tourists experience the ancient Khmer art. The capital city offers a wide variety of cafes and bars. It is also the shopping capital of the country. Its markets offer intricate handcrafted goods as well as silks.

TonleBatie is a popular weekend destination for local tourists, where they do some fishing. Near the lake is Ta Prohm, a temple just off the highway. South of the lake is Phnom Chisor, another temple, but to reach it the visitor must climb 461 steps.

Kampong Cham is located near the Mekong River. There are several temples in the city such as the NokorWat and Phnom Hanchey. Apsara dances, which are traditional Cambodian dances, are performed at the NokorBachey Temple. Entrance to the temple is free, but tourists can make donations.

Kampong Thom is just at the north of Kampong Cham. The city of Kompong Thom can be explored on foot, but there are motorbikes that serve as taxis that can take visitors on a unique Cambodia travel.

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