The Best Halong Luxury Cruises – Experience Luxurious Halong Bay Cruises

Halong Bay is wonderful on so many levels and if you really want to experience everything that this World Heritage site has to offer, a Halong luxury cruise is exactly what you should experience. The history linked to this location is wonderful and every single option that we highlight below oozes luxury.

The best of the Halong luxury cruises based on customer reviews are the ones that are mentioned below:

Bullet Au Co Cruise 3 days
The Au Co Cruise is the first and only luxury cruise operator specializing in offering a three-day two-night voyage through world-renowned Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay, Cat Ba Island and the Gulf of Tonkin. The Au Co Cruise features the very latest safety standards and represents Vietnamese and Oriental culture at its best. Each of her 32 spaciously-designed private cabins boasts luxurious bathrooms and panoramic balconies.
Price: 555 USD/pax
Bullet Halong Emeraude Classic Cruise 2 Days
Emeraude is renowned all around the world and testimonials are basically perfect. The 1910 built paddle steamer was renovated and now offers a meticulous design that is closely connected to the colonial Indochina.
Price: 155 USD/pax
Bullet Indochina Sails Cruise 2 Days
What instantly stands out with Indochina Sails is experience. This is basically the first company that specialized in offering Halong luxury cruises. 3 cruise options are available and you will surely love the perfect services that are offered, together with the really spacious and amenity filled rooms.
Price: 205 USD/pax

Bullet Indochina Sails Cruise 3 Days
Price: 365 USD/pax
Bullet Valentine Halong Luxury Cruise 2 Days
Valentine is a part of Indochina Sails but has to be mentioned on its own since it offered 100% satisfaction ever since the first trip in October 2007. We are referring to a full service cruise experience that brings in all the amenities and facilities connected with the large cruises.
Price: 275 USD/pax
Bullet Bhaya Halong Luxury Cruise 2 Days
Bhaya is a luxurious cruise vessel that brings forth 20 tremendous cabins with an Eastern style furnishing. The experience is bound to be memorable as you cruise around over 3,000 rocky outcrops and islands, everything while enjoying tremendous cuisine and fantastic on-board conditions.
Price: 205 USD/pax

Bullet Bhaya Halong Luxury Cruise 3 Days
Price: 365 USD/pax
Bullet Red Dragon Cruise 2 Days
One interesting reason why Red Dragon is currently among the top luxury cruises in Halong Bay is that it avoids the areas where a lot of tourists are found. This vessel takes you to local fishing villages and spots that are literally untouched in the bay. A secluded experience that is truly memorable.
Price: 205 USD/pax
Bullet Halong Paloma Cruise 2 Days
Paloma is relatively new on the Halong cruise scene but it already has a pretty huge list of perfect customer reviews. If you want to basically receive anything that you would imagine on a luxury cruise, Paloma needs to be considered. The luxury offered is truly exquisite and you even have a spa.
Price: 160 USD/pax

Bullet Halong Paloma Cruise 3 Days
Price: 295 USD/pax
Bullet Paradise Luxury Cruise 2 Days
The Paradise Luxury Cruise is a favorite among so many different tourists, putting on board of a vessel that is traditional by nature but filled with everything you would expect from a luxury hotel. Services offered are of the highest possible quality and prices are quite affordable.
Price: 245 USD/pax
Bullet Violet Halong Luxury Cruise 2 Days
Violet is a name that is often associated with Halong luxury cruises. It is simply huge with 6 suites, each of 43 sqm. As you can easily imagine with such a size, everything that is offered is tremendous and you will love the experience.
Price: 395 USD/pax
Bullet Jasmine Cruise 2 days
Joined its sister in December 2007, the company's newest four star junk will set the standard for services and amenities on the bay. Fitted out in the 1930's Indochina style, the Halong Jasmine Cruise will feature 22 spacious cabins, restaurant, lounge and two special Jasmine Junior Suites with their own jacuzzi & balcony for uninterrupted views of the bay.
Price: 325 USD/pax
Bullet Ginger Cruise 2 days
Discover the splendors of Halong Bay aboard the Halong Ginger Cruise, a wooden junk that combines classic beauty with modern comfort. Built in 2006, measuring 38 meters in length and 8 meters in width, this custom-designed yacht features three decks that house an elegant restaurant, two bars, a small library, and a massage room—plus ten luxurious sleeping cabins. With so much space, passengers can truly unwind and enjoy the bay’s magnificent scenery.
Price: 255 USD/pax
Bullet Huong Hai Sealife Cruise 2 days
Huong Hai Ha Long grand open new luxury cruise Huong Hai Sealife Cruise in February 2013 offers travellers experience new standard of luxury cruise on Ha Long Bay . Huong Hai Sealife Cruise, with 22 Suites and 4 Executive Suites cabins with balcony, has reached high marine safety standards of governments that promise to be the best choice for a Halong bay cruise.
Price: 240 USD/pax
Bullet Glory Legend Cruise 2 days
Glory has a team of internationals behind it, setting the bar really high when referring to Halong Bay luxury cruises. The cabins are perfectly designed and the balcony views that you can experience on the trip will be memorable. Everything can be personalized here.
Price: 160 USD/pax

Bullet Glory Legend Cruise 3 days
Price: 265 USD/pax
Bullet Gray Line Cruise 2 days
Welcome onboard. Recently brought to Vietnam, Gray Line Halong is proud to be the first oceanic overnight cruise along the 103-year history of Gray Line Worldwide. Be charmed by her exquisite luxury, intimate setting and unrivalled home from home service. An unforgettable way to witness the serene, calm settings of Halong Bay's exceptional natural beauty.
Price: 165 USD/pax

Bullet Gray Line Cruise 3 days
Price: 285 USD/pax
Bullet Halong Emotion Cruise 2 Days
If you are looking for comfort and charm, Halong Emotion has to be considered. 28 luxury cabins with air conditioning await you together with numerous facilities that are highly similar to those of a hotel.
Price: 165 USD/pax

Bullet Halong Emotion Cruise 3 days
Price: 295 USD/pax
Please keep in mind that the options mentioned above are just the popular picks among the different Halong luxury cruises available through VKTOUR. Get in touch with us so that you can learn more about what you can experience with us.