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Laos is a forgotten land. Most conversations about traveling to Southeast Asia focus on exploring Bangkok, finding the perfectly deserted white-sand beach, or visiting the temples at Angkor Wat. Talk rarely drifts to Laos. Many people may not know it's a viable travel option, much less what there is to see and do here. Part of this ignorance is a result of the shroud of Laos's communist government, which became politically and economically isolated after taking power in 1975. An air of mystery then drifted over the country.
In recent years, more light has shined on Laos, and the world is slowly discovering what the country and its people have to offer. Following in the footsteps of its more prosperous neighbors, Laos is making a concerted effort to build its fledgling tourism industry.
With recent infrastructure development and rising tourism, many fear for the natural and cultural resources of this peaceful land-locked nation. If Laos follows neighboring Thailand's model, as it does in many areas, its forests and waterways may be further exploited and, by packaging tourism for mass consumption, ethnic villages may become human zoos. Working with United Nations agencies, the Lao government is taking steps to see that rural development proceeds slowly in order to protect these vital resources.
Laos is a place to tread lightly, but foreign travelers are made quite welcome and encouraged to do their part to preserve and participate in cultural practices. The beauty of Laos exists not only along the Mekong at sunset, but also in smiles at the market or impromptu Lao lessons on the street corner, things that are easily missed if you're in a hurry. It's an enchanting land that demands you slow your pace to match its own, and even the shortest visit might add tranquillity to your travels.

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