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Visiting Khmer pagodas in Soc Trang province

Khmer pagodas host both religious ceremonies and non-religious cultural activities. Today we’ll visit some pagodas in Soc Trang province, which is home to a large population of Khmer people.


Traditional and French-style architecture in Cu Da village

Located 20 km west of Hanoi on the bank of the Nhue River, Cu Da is one of the few villages in Vietnam that has both traditional houses and French-style two-story houses approximately one hundred years old.


New destinations await in Ha Giang

New adventurous tours in the northern province of Ha Giang will open soon, giving tourists all the more reason to visit.

This was unveiled at a conference to promote provincial tourism attended by local authorities and travel agents yesterday in Hanoi.


Tourism target hard to achieve

Vietnam’s tourism sector needs to attract an average of 1.15 million international tourists a month in the rest of the year to translate the 13-million-foreign-arrival target for all of 2017 into reality.


Vietnamese increasingly using mobiles to purchase travel

Though only 7 per cent of overall online travel sales were made on mobile phones in Vietnam in 2016, such sales grew rapidly from 2013-2016, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) rate of 58.1 per cent, and present the biggest growth opportunity, the latest Criteo-commissioned study conducted by Euromonitor International has found.


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