Halong Bay Luxury Cruises – Experience Everything That Halong Bay Has To Offer

The Halong Bay luxury cruise packages that we offer are highly recommended by people that actually bought them in the past. This is due to the fact that the VKTOUR Halong Bay luxury cruises are actually really affordable, offering immense quality for the money that would be spent. Do not believe us? Just take a look at the list of Halong Bay Luxury Cruises you can be a part of:

1. Emeraude Halong Bay Luxury Cruise – 2 Days

38 luxury cabins are available on the Emeraude, a paddle steamer that has a history dating back from 1910. Regular 2 day cruises will take you to various parts of Halong Bay, all in a setting that is simply charming. See the itinerary and pricing details HERE.
Emeraude Cruise

2. Indochina Sails Halong Bay Luxury Cruise – 2 Days & 3 Days

Out of the many different companies that are currently specialized in Halong Bay luxury cruises, Indochina Sails was the first. You can easily realize that the experience that is put into such a cruise is high and this practically guarantees a perfect cruise. See what is offered for 2 days cruise HERE and 3 days cruise HERE.
Indochina Sails

3. Valentine Cruise Halong – 2 Days

Valentine Cruise Halong first had a luxury voyage in 2007 and ever since, it managed to offer a really intimate and exclusive experience. This is a truly full service cruise opportunity that is perfect for anniversaries, medium groups and even wedding parties. See more about the cruise HERE.
Valentine Cruise

4. Glory Legend Cruise – 2 Days & 3 Days

Glory has a team of internationals behind it, setting the bar really high when referring to Halong Bay luxury cruises. The cabins are perfectly designed and the balcony views that you can experience on the trip will be memorable. Everything can be personalized here. Just check out more about 2 days cruise HERE and 3 days cruise HERE.

Glory cruise

5. Bhaya Classic Halong Bay Cruise – 2 Days & 3 Days

This luxury cruise ship offers 20 incredible cabins that are furnished in the classical Eastern style. The experience is sure to be memorable and the culinary experience that is offered is particularly loved by all tourists. Read more about Bhaya’s 2 days cruise HERE and if you want a 3 days experience, click HERE.
Bhaya Cruise

6. Red Dragon Halong Bay Cruise – 2 Days

This luxury cruise is perfect if you want to experience remote areas that are not usually promoted in the highly popular tours. Red Dragon takes you to bay areas that are literally untouched. See This page for more details.
Red Dragon Cruise

7. Halong Emotion – 2 Days & 3 Days

If you are looking for comfort and charm, Halong Emotion has to be considered. 28 luxury cabins with air conditioning await you together with numerous facilities that are highly similar to those of a hotel. See details about the 2 days trip HERE and the 3 days trip HERE.
Emotion Cruise

8. Paloma Cruise – 2 Days & 3 Days

4 decs with 16 fully equipped luxury cabins await you with everything that you would expect in a luxury hotel room from plasma TV sets to in-room bars. The luxury offered is truly exquisite and this is a Halong Bay luxury cruise that is meant for those that want the most style possible. The 2 days trip can be previewed HERE and the 3 days trip HERE.
Paloma Cruise

9. Paradise Halong Bay Luxury Cruise – 2 Days

Paradise is exactly what a luxury boat should be, inspired by traditional junks but offering world-class luxury conditions. You basically get to travel on water while feeling like in a boutique hotel of the highest possible quality. The 2 days trip itinerary is available HERE.
Paradise Cruise

10. Violet Halong Bay Cruise – 2 Days

Violet is a perfect mix when referring to modern comfort and traditional elegance. You will particularly love the design, although only 6 rooms are available. Check out details HERE.
Violet Cruise