Take a Mekong Delta Tour into Vietnam’s Rice Basket

Mekong Delta is a watery place full of green fields and villages. Everywhere you look you will see brown canals and rivulets that come from the Mekong River. The area is known as Vietnam’s rice basket, and visitors of Vietnam must consider taking a Mekong delta tour.

The Mekong delta, often, produces enough rice to feed the entire Vietnam. The production has surpassed local and has a sizable surplus. The delta was created by sediment deposited by the River Mekong. Until now, silt deposits continue to fill the delta and its shoreline is expanding each year.

Saigon Mekong delta tours take tourists to the fish farms and rice paddies. The area’s farmlands also produce fruit, coconut, sugarcane, and shrimp. It is one of the most heavily populated areas of the country even if the delta is mainly a rural area. Most of the land in the region is farmed.

The people of Mekong delta are easygoing and friendly. They have worked all their lives in accordance to the cycles of the waterways of the area. They had to adjust with the river, which is their life support. Mekong delta tours take visitors on a cruise along the river, and they get to meet with the locals. There are homes that allow homestay guests, and they provide sumptuous home cooked meals.

A Mekong delta tour introduces visitors to the life along the river. People get to visit rural riverside towns and buy fruits in the floating markets. The best floating market in the delta is the Phong Dien Floating Market because it has less motorized craft and more of the stand-up rowing boats. It is also less crowded compared to Cai Rang and attracts less tourists.

Highlights of Mekong delta tours include visits to local flower markets, orchards and fish farms. The area is also home to beaches, bird sanctuaries and Khmer pagodas.

Phu Quoc island provides an idyllic getaway with its forested island with beaches, empty dirt roads and freshwater springs. There are Saigon - Mekong delta - Phu Quoc island tour that include a stay at one of the five star resorts along an un-crowded white sand beach. Activities in the area include snorkeling and diving.

A Mekong delta tour is not complete without visiting Can Tho, which is the region’s biggest city. It is a metropolitan area amidst the backwaters. It is considered the center of economy, culture and transportation of the delta region. Its waterfront is lined with gardens and has a nice combination of wide boulevards and backstreets. It is also the perfect base to explore the different floating markets of Mekong delta.

Select one of our Mekong delta tours below and get an unforgettable experience in the Mekong delta with us!

Bullet Mekong delta one day

Bullet Saigon - Mekong delta 2 days (My Tho - Ben Tre - Can Tho)

Bullet Unique Saigon - Mekong delta 2 days (Cai Be - Tan Phong island)

Bullet Saigon - Mekong delta 3 days

Bullet Saigon - Mekong delta - Phu Quoc island 5 days

Bullet Saigon - Mekong delta 2 days, homestay (My Tho - Ben Tre - Can Tho)

Bullet Saigon - Mekong delta - Phnom Penh 3 days

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