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Bullet Mekong Eyes Cruise 2 days
The Mekong Eyes Cruise combines regional boat-building traditions with modern comforts to become the perfect holiday vessel to cruise the Mekong delta in style. At 39 m long and 8.5 m wide, the Mekong Eyes river cruiser was built out of an old, traditional rice barge with the finest quality wood, and artfully decorated by skilled craftsmen of the Mekong delta.
Mekong Eyes Cruise

Bullet Le Cochinchine Cruise 2 days
Le Cochinchine Cruise offers an elegant, relaxing and fulfilling ways to explore endless water way of Mekong River. The cruise brings you into contact with people in different corner of the Delta . With Le Cochinchine Cruise, you will have ample opportunity to see Vietnam in its authenticity and sample local culture and food, in a one unpacking, unforgettable vacation where your "floating hotel" get you insight into Mekong delta and quaint villages.
Le Cochinchine Cruise

Bullet Song Xanh Sampan Cruise 2 days
Song Xanh Cruise is a very unique, authentic and charming Sampan. It was designed for travelers looking for "private" cruise experiences in the Mekong delta. On board, two spacious spaces of 15sqm each are equipped with beautiful bamboo and rattan furniture, creating a very charming atmosphere. A very attentive service is provided by a team of 4 crew members.
Song Xanh Sampan Cruise

Bullet Bassac Cruise 2 days
The Bassac Cruise is entirely built of wood, from the hull of an 80-foot-long rice barge. She can accommodate up to 12 passengers in six nicely decorated cabins, each with air-con and a private bathroom, and features a 100 sqft restaurant that opens all around, a large gallery, a small office room and 700 sqft of sundeck. The Bassac can take her passengers on cruises up to seven days without stopping, and offers a great flexibility in programming your journey.
Bassac Cruise

Bullet RV La Marguerite Cruise 8 days from Saigon to Siem Reap
RV La Marguerite is the river vessel of Indochina Sails. The first colonial vessel replica sailing between Saigon and Siem Reap along the Mekong Delta, Indochina Sails aims to make positive impact on conservation of natural and cultural heritage via its carefully chosen itineraries at various ports of calls. Travelers are able to play an important role in preserving and shaping the world’s diversity as they show the host communities how the values of learning the ethnic traditions and encourages greater understanding between differing cultures.

Bullet RV La Marguerite Cruise 8 days from Siem Reap to Saigon
RV La Marguerite Cruise