Select one of the Sapa trekking tours below:

bullet Sapa Trekking 2 days

bullet Sapa Trekking 3 days

bullet Sapa Hard Trek

bullet Sapa Special Trek

bullet Sapa - Bac Ha Sunday Market

bullet Sapa - Can Cau Saturday Market

bullet Sapa - Coc Ly Tuesday Market

bullet Conquer Fansipan
Sapa Vietnam

9 Behaviors that travellers should know during the tours in Sapa, Vietnam

1. Simple and polite clothing.
2. Minimize to discard rubbish. If you plan to stay overnight in the mountains, remember to bring garbage with you. Never leave it in forests, canyons, towns or villages. Put it in rubbish bins.
3. Never relieve yourself near residential areas, rivers and springs; avoid to do so in forests. And excrement should be buried.
4. The use of heroin is completely banned because it is illegal and can make children to imitate.
5. Communicate with local people to make your trip full of sweet memories while not damage natural environment and good practices and traditions.
6. Try to learn some dialectic words and spread good values of your own culture and language.
7. Be polite in studying practices of ethnic minorities; respect their daily activities and never be curious about the religious places in a house (Never touch an altar)
8. Pay respect to cultural differences and practices of local people. Avoid the difference in living standards, especially in the poor communities, because it can lead to inequality and conflicts between the locals and you.
9. Encourage and support local communities in protecting the clean environment (gathering and treating rubbish, planting green trees).